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The world’s oldest man, Francisco Nunez Olivera, has dies in his home in Spain just one month after his 113th birthday.

Francisco died at 2230 on 29 January 2018.

He was born on 13 December 1904 and lived his entire life in the small village of Bienvenida (“Welcome”) in the south-west of Spain.

He was given the nickname “Marchena” when a child in the village mistook him for the famous Spanish singer, Pepe Marchena.

He used to enjoy daily walks alone in his village and began reading again at the age of 98 when his cataracts were cured following an operation.

His death was described by the local mayor as “a pity for the entire village and the whole world” and president of the Extramadura region where Francisco lived, paid his respects on Twitter, saying, “Rest in peace, good man. Until always Marchena.”

He leaves behind 4 children, 9 grandchildren, and 15 great grandchildren.